Monday, July 18, 2016

Rise up

As we have said before, we are youth leaders in our church. One of the things we tell our youth is you can either be a child or an adult. We raise the bar and expect them to be adults! We challenge them to break through the barriers of society and step up to responsibility and be adults, to prove society wrong. 

Recently one of our youth brought something to us and wanted to read it to the group. He wanted it to be our youth group's creed, he wanted to challenge his peers to Rise Up!

We asked him if we could share it here. We wanted to use it as a challenge to parents to challenge their youth, and to ask youth to embrace the challenge to rise up and be adults! Our thanks go out to Graham for his desire to rise up and be an adult and to lead by example in our youth group.

Rise up

It is time to Rise Up. No longer will we be satisfied in our "adolescence". You are young men and young women of God. It's time for us to sharpen our swords and train for war. It's time for us to rise up and start revival at school, be an example to your siblings, lead a friend to Jesus, love the unlovable, it's time for us to put on our big boy/girl pants and forgive those who've wronged us, it's time for us to rise up and not get caught in the petty drama of high school, the he said-she said's. It's time for us to hold the door for a random stranger even though you haven't eaten in 5 hours, to pray for those who are struggling just to get through the day, to smile when when nothing today has gone right and ask your friend how their day has gone and listen. It's time for us to be young adults. To throw off the label "teenager", you are a young man or young woman of God, He wants so much more of your life than just one day of the week. He wants, no, requires, our whole life, in everything we do we should give credit to God. Manhood and womanhood starts NOW! Not when I'm a senior, not when I get a car, not when I go to college, get married, have kids.....NO! It starts now! It's time to rise above adolescence and be the men and women God has called us to be! So rise up and be the warriors of Christ I know you are capable of being. Rise up!

 Graham Fowler

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