Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Open Letter To My Homemaker Wife

  A little more than thirty years ago we stood together for the first time as husband and wife. Since then I have enjoyed a warm and stable home. Anyone who knows me understands that I had nothing to do with that. My ideas of domestic infrastructure include reels and pallets for furniture, and paper plates are just good as fine china where I am concerned, and while I may have other redeeming qualities, (there is debate in some quarters) housekeeping is not my strong suit. Still I have enjoyed clean sheets and "magic laundry", (that is dirty clothes thrown on the floor only to appear clean and put away the next time I have need of them) all of my adult life thanks to you.
  In a society where the traditional homemaker paradigm is thought of as less than a real contribution, you set that as your higher calling. You have always wanted to be a mother and a wife, even your collage education was in child development, making our children lucky enough to actually have a professional mother.
  Knowing your desire to be a stay at home mom I did all that I could to see to it that you never had to work, and that if you did it was by your own choice.

  I had no idea how blessed I would be in that decision.

  While I did go to work every day, sometimes my earnings didn't afford much of a lifestyle. When combined with an addiction in our early years, homelessness was often a possibility, yet when I came home there was always food on the table, clean presentable clothes to wear, and our home was always warm and inviting. Monet never had a painting on our walls, but everything in our house spoke of love and family, and while Goodwill was your store of record, it might as well have been Sacks for the way we were dressed.
  No one else would ever know the sacrifices you have made over the years, but I do. Even your children have no idea the number of times you put yourself last so we could have your best.

  As I chased my career across the country, taking you far from family and friends, you never complained. As I worked too many hours, you always gave me a safe haven in which to recharge. I don't think you know that my ability to keep my promise made to you all those years ago was only made possible by your commitment as a a homemaker.
  The days I wanted to quit I knew you were giving your all, how could I let you down, and on the days I was so tired I couldn't continue, your faith in me renewed my strength, even if just for one more day. 

  I have enjoyed a long career, even owned my own business for a while, but living my dreams was only made possible because of my silent partner, behind the scenes always holding me together and pushing me forward. Giving me a home filled with love and laughter, and raising three beautiful daughters in whom I am proud of and love dearly.

  The look in your eyes on of wedding day still says it all, you put your trust in me, but it is I who has come to rely on you.  

 Just a housewife? I don't think so you are the heart of this corporation, and I couldn't have done it without you.



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