Friday, January 27, 2017

God's Design

Gender equality. It's a term we hear often now days. Society and the feminist movement  would have us believe that in order for men and women to be equal that we have to be treated the same. We are entitled to  have the same jobs, the same pay, the same opportunities. Every part of our lives should be alike. We're taught that anything a man can do a woman can do better. We're taught that male and female are just labels but that we're really all the same. What you must realize is that equal does not always mean "the same". God, the creator of the universe, designed us to be different.

God created us in His own image, both male and female (Genesis 1:27). God created us to be equal (1 Peter 3:7).  God said it is not good for man to be alone, man needs a helper ( Genesis 2:18). Being a helper doesn't make women any less than men, it just means that together we're better.  So He created woman out of the rib of man (Genesis 2:21). God gave men and women different strengths and weaknesses. God designed men to be strong leaders, and to protect and provide for their families. God designed women to be help mates for their husbands, caretakers of the home, and bare and raise children. I know this is a very unpopular way to look at our roles in this day and age but it has been God's plan from the very beginning. When we get married we are join together, man and woman, as one (Genesis 2:24). We are told to leave our parents and come together as one whole person. Working in unity, together, for our family, with the same purpose in mind, for the same goals and end results.

Society's view of equal is not the same as God's. God says He made us equal from the beginning. Society says you must be able to have it all and do it all on your own. It tells us we don't need anyone else to be successful. But God says "I will give you everything you need" (Philippians 4:19). God is our provider and wants what is best for us. He wants to make us complete. You see, God designed us to need each other. He designed us to be a part of a community. He gave men and women different traits and attributes to compliment one another. Together, a man and a woman come together to make a whole. We ARE God's perfect design. 


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